Genetic Diagnosis: Prospects & Challenges

About the Meet:

Increasing social and environmental stress has lead to broaden the spectrum of clinical manifestation, genetics remains epicenter for most of these pathophysiology. Thus, Genetic diagnosis is gaining more momentum and acceptability among medical fraternity as an important tool for identification of cause and also the preciseness and specific molecular approach is beneficial to patients. Although, the specificity has also raised concern of precise referral and need to know the outcome of test referred. Thus, there is need of continuous update and keep in touch with the ever-growing and developing field of genetic diagnosis.

Genexplore diagnostic and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., is committed in catering the growing need and delivering the best of technologies for clinicians disposal. With the help of state of art facility and high end instrumentations, along with a decade long experience in clinical genetics we help clinicians to unravel the molecular and genetic cause of manifestations. In this efforts we are organizing this half day conference to understand the need of clinical practice and how our facility can be best utilized to cater the current need and future test that would be required.

Date: 28th May 2016, Saturday

Venue: Inder Residency, Opp. Gujarat College,

Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad