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The comprehensive list of genetic test in IVF, Onco and Neuro.

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We have State of the art well equip lab to cater all your R & D needs in the field of Genetics.

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The research service comprises of In vivo , In Vitro and Genomics.

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About Us & What We Do

Genexplore diagnostic and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., is committed in catering the growing need and delivering the best of technologies for clinicians’ disposal. With the help of state of art facility and high end instrumentations, along with a decade long experience in clinical genetics we help clinicians to unravel the molecular and genetic cause of manifestations. We are in capacity to cater complete spectrum of Genomics from basic Karyotype, FISH, Single gene disorders, Infectious disease, Microarray based analysis and NGS based panel studies. Our complete infrastructure and resource is dedicated for molecular diagnostics and we focus on current and well as future need genetic diagnosis.


A healthy human male has 46,XY chromosome complement and female has 46,XX in each and every nucleated cell.

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Fluorescent In situ Hybridization, is fast and specific technique which can be used to detect alteration in numerical and structural chromosomal anomalies.
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Single Gene Disorders
Single Gene Disorder or Mendelian disorder are those when a distinct phenotype is attributed to a single gene.
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Advanced Genomic Study
Apart from single gene disorders, there are numerous complex disorder like infertility, cancer, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders, etc. where in more than one genes are involved.
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